Mother's and Jerusalem Day
 To all the mothers, grandmothers, and soon to be mothers, forgive my lateness. It should always be your day. Speaking of mothers, the Slomovic's are having another baby. I think that makes 7 but I can't remember...

Life as been moving somewhat slowly. I hate not sleeping and all-nighters. I also hate stupid roommates who wake up and are not considerate of the other people in the room. *Sigh* That is why for Shavot I will head to the Kotel then stop by Deb and stay there till I feel like walking around again. HA!

So today was Yom Yerushalem and it was pretty fun. Like I mentioned earlier I was up all night and slept most of the morning. We, we being a large group of Yashiva boys and Seminary girls, walked 2 hours (no joke) to daven at Kotel first thing in the morning. I learned that if I don't sleep at night then I don't eat in the morning. Odd but true.  After 5 hours of sleep I got ready to head out for todays festivities. I got to Ben Yahuda street around 4:30 in the afternoon but because I was so tired I was kinda stuck there not sure what to do. The music was fun to listen to. I stayed there till I got dinner and went back to school.  There were a lot of flags around. I kinda wish I had one. Oh well.

Good night,

Golan trip and other water sports
 Wow, I have not been very good at doing steam punk you know. But that is about to change. kinda going in revece order I am going to tell you that the people that I will be staying with for Shabbat are very VERY religious people so I kinda need to wear Steam Punk clothes. They are the Slomovic's I mentioned in an early post. They are the coolest, sweetest, people you will ever meet. I just hope the chocolate I give them (along with the flowers I always get them) has a good enough Kashrut for them. We shall soon see.

Now then going back to the topic of this post you might be wondering 'why does it have such an unusual title?' Well if you have only just started reading these then I must tell you they all have strange and unusual titles. Deal with it. But I should also tell about my five days up in the Golan, my trip again to the City of David, and my class mate's Tekkes.

First the Golan: Truth is it was more of trip up north and less just the Golan. My school started in Afula on Shabbat after visiting a Kibbutz that had a big and I mean BIG green house that is used for all sorts of science experiments.  It was cool stuff. While at the Kibbutz we met two Muslim women and that was very interesting, hearing there opinions one life in Israel was very new to me and I think I learned. Finally in Afula we went to Children's Home. A Children's Home is a place that the Government send children that can't stay with there families for one reason or another. It was nice being with all these different children. There were two boys there who made Alliah with there mom and dad from Canada (wetsuoh) but when the mother got sick and the father had to take care the boys moved into the home. It is sad that families can't always stay together but sometime things happen that people can't control. 

Saturday night was the start of Lag Ba'Omar the day of the bonfire as I like to refer to it as. The Children's Home had a really great fire going on but our school being what it is took us to Mairon the center of Chasdish life on Lag Ba'Omar. Trust me if you can it once in your life do it, but no more then that. The crowds are crazy and so are the people. That is something I will never do again.

However the rest of the trip was quite awesome. There hikes that I did not do. A water path that I did do. I was beautiful mountains and waterfalls. Went cannoning down the Jordan River. Got very wet. Went shopping. Got and made high end Chocolate. Read a lot. All in all a very good trip.

Then on Thursday our school took us the the City of David. I was already there once with my parents but going there again was a lot of fun. I think I got through the water tunnel in ten minutes flat. The first I went I think I was stuck there for like an hour or something like that. It was so much fun. After that I walked to the Old City and watched my old classmate become a full fledge soldier. About 20 grade mates of mine were there to see it.

Now it is almost Shabbat and I have to get ready.
Later readers,

Back to Israel and life
 So I have been back for almost two weeks now and I have finally gotten to the swing of things. Well sort of anyway. Life is good to say the least. I had the best time celebrating Israel's birthday. I also cried a lot after commemorating the lives of the fallen soldiers of Israel. People have told me that it is hard for Yom Haazicaron and Yom Hatzmaut to be right after the other but I think it only makes the two days that much more powerful. 

For Memorial Day (Yom Haazicaron) the girls here at seminary all went memorial servous run by MASA and I cried, a lot. The next day we went to Har Hertzl, Israel's military cemetery. My school is within walking distance so we all walked there. If you have never been to Israel when the siren sounds then you do not know the true meaning of silence. The entire country stops! Cars on the rode will pull over and the drivers will get out. Nothing moves. Nothing. At Har Hertzl we visited the graves of famous and not so famous Jewish fallen soldiers, some of the names include Channa Senish, Yonatan Netanyahu, and Michael Lavin. The rest went by in a blur.

That night though we all went to Alon Shvut to conclude Yom Haazicaron and begin Yom Hatzmaut, Israel Independence day. What a treat that was, there was singing and dancing and lots of speeches.  The head of our school participated in one of the main events. I thought he did quite well. Then there was fireworks. I guess that was Fourth of July is like in small town America. The next we went on a hike and had a great BBQ. I'm telling you there is nothing better or tastier then a cookout after a long hike.

Later that week I had what would best be called a mini grade Reunion. Trust me I thought I would never go to it but I guess some times I really can be a sheep, fallowing the heard where-ever it may go. Still I had fun and I have no regrets.

Well it is getting late I have class early tomorrow.
Till next time.

Home Sweet Home... at least for three weeks

Well then, I guess time really does fly when you are having fun. I have spent the last three weeks deciding when I was going to post again. Note to self, don't wait so long now you have too much to write.

Now that I have your attention let me give you some Bullet points of what has happened to me thus far:

  • I got stuck in Rome overnight coming home
  • Landed in New Jersey and was stuck there for Shabbat
  • had a week to get ready for Pesach and Anime Boston
  • Had an awesome Pesach
  • Had an awesome time at AB

I guess I should start with Rome and New Jersey. So here's what happened. My flight for from Tel Aviv to Rome was at 5:45 Israel time and I was from there supposed to catch a flight to Boston 10:20 Rome time (Israel and Rome are one hour off).  My flight was first delayed till 2:20. Then my flight was delayed another 1 or 2 hours. Now image will you a girl, dressed in steampunk, wondering around an airport terminal, on no sleep. Well that was what happened to me. The best I could do was sit in an airport bench and close my eyes for a few minutes at a time. Finally the airline (which will remain anonymous) decided to cancel the flight. The put us who had been planning on flying with them to Boston to a hotel and put us up for a night. What they did not do is tell us that only a few of us would be taking the flight to Boston the next day because it only had 15 open seats. The Next morning my mom and dad woke me up a 5:00 am Rome time and told I needed to get to the Airport because I would be on a flight to New Jersey at 9:30.

Upon getting to
New Jersey and out of customs I was greeted by my parents who drove 4 and a half hours to pick me up. *can I get an 'ahhh' for the audience*  We have some friends who live in West Orange (who for the sake of this will also remain anonymous) and they are nice enough, however something you might want to work on is home hospitality. If you are to have a guest for Shabbat that had a rough time coming home and has spent the last year learning you A) do not tell them that what their teachers have taught them is wrong and B) do not make them feel unwelcome by making them sit on garbage bags. Lets just I was more then happy to return to Boston after that.

Now that I was home I had one week to get ready for Pesach and AB. I ran around to my old school Maimonides too many times for an alum but whatever. I spent some good time with my friends. What I did not do is make my Sakura-himi Costume for AB. Ran out of time I guess. Oh well, next year then. One the bright when Pesach did come I was totally ready for it.  Pesach was bomb, I had so much food I could have burst. I think I said some really smart things. We had some many people. I was really happy.

But nothing was better then Anime Boston. I got my tickets early with my friends from BHS then went back to my friends house and planned my Friday. On Friday the first think that happened to me was that I met my Idol. Sam-chan and the whole crew of Mnemophobia Production. I would like to say right now they where the highlight of my weekend. I would like to that you guys for making my year in
Israel a bit more livable and joyful. Beyond that I saw a lot of people in awesome costumes and a some really cute kids including a baby Link form Zelda and a 7 year Ed from FMA. I also saw a bunch of countries. Let me explain, there is an anime called Axes powers Hetaila. Hetaila -as is it often called- is anthropometric countries based in the time period of WWI to WWII.  Yeah, it was quite fun. I proved I was smart too. Question for the audience: Why did John Hancock write his name so big on the Declaration of Independence? Give me the right answer and I will give you a cookie. I know the answer and I got a pin for it. It was so much fun I can hardly explain it. Truth is I really can't tell you much more because I can't say much more.

Right so now I am popped and I can't really type much more. later Y'all

So I will be leaving for home in 15 hours.  It feels so strange right now. It is like I am in Israel but I am not. I plan on wearing a nice Steampunk outfit on the plane because it is comfortable and I really like it. It also has pockets which is another plus. I will not be on my computer for some time but my plan is to get to the airport extra early. Grab a snack. Check in.  wait for like three hours. Read. Get on the plane to go to Rome. Change to the plane that will take me to Boston. Sleep.

What a day. And I get home at 2 in the afternoon. SWEET! I miss home and I can't get back there. Later.

going home.. at least for now.
 So I have this thing... this thing is homesickness. I have had it for at least the last two months. Why, I have not idea, but it will be resolved very soon. You see I am going home on Thursday. Thank goodness for 3 weeks of Pesach break. Good thing too Anime Boston is happening so early (in my opinion) this year.  I get to now spend three weeks with all my friends and family at home and I can't wait.  Though I will not lie, I have not started packing yet, I have a list of things to get before I can.

In other news, this Shabbat, because it would the last Shabbat we will be together, we went to a Kabbutz. It was awesome! WE say turkeys and cows and fields of winter wheat. I read and rested which is always nice. funny part was I saw a friend from USY there. She lives there as part of her year in Israel. Isn't this place a wild and crazy world.

Well I am tired. Maybe I'll edit this later.
Lee-chan out!

It's Party time
 To explain, I am feel that I must express again the awesome time I had had with the Slomovic's over Shabbat last week. They are as I do believe I have said before the most holy and lovely family I have found in Israel thus far. That being said I would like to wish them all the best even though I am fairly sure they will never see this. Next, Saturday night was for the most part a calm and quite affair. Like most nights I spent in front of my computer and talking to my roommates.  

Sunday was just day of party and games. First we went to... wait for it... The Gush (Alon Shvut to be exact) and had a waffle breakfast and went to a Purim Carnival. To explain for those who do not know, Purim for some who is 'living' in Jerusalem or other walled cities for the days of yore, or something like that, celebrate Purim the day after everyone else does. It is explained in the Magillah. It was fun dressing up and going out. After the fun there we came back to the dorms and got ready for the evening and all the fun there. I spent almost two hours looking for goggles. Sports-goggles, swimming-goggles, sky-goggles... Anything. Alas I found nothing but gold paint and a toy gun.  After sulking for another half-hour I made the coolest make shift goggles anyone had ever seen. I am quite proud of them, and they only took me till March to make them.

Purim night went well. We all heard the Magillah at an old age home. Fact: 80+ year old men should be held responsible for reading the Magillah. But that could not be helped. We came back to school and had the best pizza I have ever had. Then at 10 we all went to give some soldiers some Purim cheer. IT was fun dancing in the rain and singing at the top of our lungs and slapping stickers onto hot boys.  When we finally got back to school the other school we share a building with was totally wasted, god bless our Rabbi for not having such obvious double standers with us.

The next day we had a reading at school and a sudah. Someone had made a movie that was shown at the Sudah and the teachers did a bunch of skits. We all had good laugh and a good time. Finally I was on the rode with my steam-punk goggles and gun giving gifts of food to dear family. All in all I had the best time ever.

On a side note I guess no Hura-con this year. Maybe I will try again next year, or something. Whatever.
Later. Lee-chan

An Awesome week, a dieing computer, an art show, and two great shabbats
 The title pretty much sums up what I have to say and why I have not said it yet. I will start with bad news. My computer is dieing. There I said it. One of the fans that is supposed to keep the computer from overheating died so now I have one fan so I can only be online for a short amount of time. *sigh* but hopefully when I get home I will be able to get it fixed.

Next the best week ever... or at least while I was in Israel so far. It started with rosh hochedish Adar, or the new month of Adar. That was two Sundays ago. My school was supposed to prank our Rabbi as an Adar prank. I had stayed with the Rabbi for Shabbat so I stuck around to watch. They got on a bus early Sunday morning and sat out on the lawn and waited for him to come outside. There was a small problem though; he saw them get off the bus. It did not matter in the end though. We had a great breakfast and had just great day. That Wednesday I went to wedding. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I met a really woman on the bus and we talked the whole ride to and back. She works with druggy girls to teach them English. I did not et back till after midnight though. The next day, Thursday, we had a lot to do. First we went on a hike were David fought Goliath. It was so cool, the grass was greener then I had ever seen it- I bet that is what it looks like in Ireland- and the trees and flowers were blooming. After the hike on that mountain we went to another mountain and saw the most wonderful fields of wild flowers ever. Me and one of friends went frolicking (no joke) in the flowers. We have pictures up on Facebook to prove it. Finally the last stop of the day was a children's home. We gave the best Purim Carnival we could with only 2 minutes for set up. I worked at face-painting but I got face-painted by more kids then I was able to face-paint. When we finally got back to school it was 9 and we had a shabbaton the next day.

I can not remember the last time I had some many awesome shabbats in a row. First there was the one at the Rabbi's then last week I was with my art and the rest of the art girls in Ranana. We all went to shul, which I must say was a first with this group of girls and we had a few really good talks with different people in the community and saw a rather depressing man who should have been an actor but instead became a rabbi. The only reason that man made me so sad was because he did not seem to try hard to join together his two passions of acting and Torah. Then this week I spent Shabbat with a very holy family who like on Me'a Shirim. My parents knew the father when he was a child in Pennsylvania but now that boy has children of his own and they are just a sweet family. This is the third time I have stayed with and I love it. I can't wait to see them again on Monday.

Finally the art show. I say just say I still am not sure why I put anything into such a one sided art show. Still I daring and off. No one else seemed to have tried to make such a statement as myself. I don't care though, it was fun and they had great deserts.

Well I'd say that is all for now, next I hope will be Monday after Purim,
Till then Lee-chan 

Hot and Sick
 This is going to be a short post but I felt that if I said nothing I would feel silly. Today I am sick, I have been sick for the past 4 days or so. Today I got a fever to go along with the cold I had which made me feel better cause I felt like I could take stuff for it.  I spent Shabbat with a friend of mine in Baka and she was really nice, like always. After Shabbat was over she gave some soup and it was awesome. I am really happy that there are people here that care about me so much. But the truth is I really miss my mom and dad, they always take care of me when I am sick. I can't wait to come home for Peasach.

I love you mommy, daddy.
Lee-chan... Achoo! *sniff*
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Eilat not to be confused with Efrat... I was there both
Well as you may know I spent three days in Eilat with my school. We went on hikes and trips all around the area, then we spent Shabbat together in Efrat. It was fun, let me tell you about each trip.

Eilat: We started the trip with an early 5 o'clock wake up so that we get on the road by 5:30, we did not leave till 6. The bus was a long 4 hour trip with one stop at a milk plant where we had breakfast and prepared for the day. The first day we were supposed to do a long 6 hour hike, but we left to late so instead the plan was change and we did the shorter 4 hour hike instead. Normally I love hikes but the hike we was impossible, I am still having trouble with my knees a week later. Despite it hard I still had good time and took many picture that I am still trying upload onto facebook. XD. So after our hike we went to the Hotel we were staying at and moved in. Guess who did not get a room right away? That right me. Well that only lasted for about ten minutes. That night we parted on a boat! The music was all over the place from the safe and Jewish to the wild and out there.  The boat had a glass that would have been really cool if it had not been nighttime. 
The next day about half of the girls went on another hike, I was not part of that half. I felt like my knees would give way if I just walked down a few stairs. So instead of the hike I went to the aquarium. It's really cool. Part of it is actually under water in the reef.  Seeing the fish in their home was cool. The group that I was with also saw a show about a shark, it was cute.  After that we had free time till the hikers came back. I wondered the boardwalk and sat on the beach for most of the time.  I found some really stuff for my cosplay and Purim including a top that I plan on using for a Yuuko cosplay and white hair extensions for a Purim costume. All in all the day was pretty sweet. That night we had a bonfire and made smores and cooked sweet onions. I had a lot of fun.
On the third and final day of the Eilat trip a group which I was part of went snorkeling. It was so awesome swimming with the fishy in there home, the reef. Alter we all went Jeeping and painted the desert.  Our final thing of the day was going back into Eilat and going banana boating. Banana boating is really just sitting on a tube  and being pulled across the water by a motor boat, and the driver of the motor boat tries to get you off the banana boat. I got really wet that day. After all was said and done we left Eilat and went back to Jerusalem for a good 12 hours of sleep before we left again for a shabbaton in Efrat. 

Efrat: After getting back to school Thrusday night we had about 12 hours to sleep and get ready for the Shabbaton. That included repacking for shabbat, calling/email/facebooking my friend who lives in Efrat, and sleeping.  Friday morning was crazy. Everyone was running around getting stuff that they would need and we finally left for Efrat around 2 pm. Each girl was separated into groups of 2 or 3 and placed at different people's house all around Efrat. Let me explain Efrat a little, Efrat is HUGE! There are many different areas and each one has has a name. To walk from one end of Efrat to another could take up to an hour (and half if you are really slow). My best friend and I stayed with a really nice family exspet there were a few problems: 1 my best is deadly elergeric to sesame and is Elergeric to many other things- our host only knew about the sesame problem, 2 Shabbat is one of the few time during the week I will eat meat and get some much needed protean- our host was vegitarian. But despite all that we had a good time. We had a T'u B'Shvat Saider on friday night, slept most of Shabbat away and eat what we could. All in all we had a good time

And that was happened last week. This week seems to be farly normal but if something happens I plan on sharing

Later y'all- Lee-chan


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