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Anime, Foglios, Pokemon, birthdays and Hospitals
So I am posting again after a relatively short time compared to my last post. That is because there is still so much to say about the last year and what has already happened since my last post.

I will start on my birthday in January, something I neglected last time in favor of darker subjects. I turned 21 this past January and I had best birthday ever. It was a quite thing, mostly just me and Y-kun. We were still only Boy-friend/Girl-friend at the time but it really was truly spectacular. We started off by going to RMV and getting me a liquor ID. That way when we went out to get drinks I would not need to cary around my passport. It was a blast. Going down town and waiting in line for the ID really was not so bad since I brought about a dozen different things to use as proof of who I was. We then went for lunch at a local Kosher dairy restaurant in Down town Boston. It was great, but I don't remember what I had (likely a tuna-melt or mac and cheese). We then headed out to the Sam Adams Brewery and got a tour of the place. We had been there once before but I had only been able to have a root beer because I was under-age. This time I tried four different types, they each seemed only a little different and there is no way I would really be able to tell what they were but I did not care. Free beer is free beer. We then had a steak dinner at Rubin's Deli, all four of us. Mom, dad, Y-kun and myself each got steak. It was awesome. The final part of the day was spent at a Karaoke bar not far from home. I sang a little, Y-kun sang and we all drank. It was strange really. The bar-tender told Y-kun that I had had the equivalent of 6 shots but I felt nothing. Y--kun had two or three drinks and was starting to get tipsy. Luckily it was not far from my home and we took the T home that night.  

I should also say the earlier that week (namely the weekend leading up to my birthday) was Arisia a sci-fi convention in Boston area. I met the Foglios there. I also learned a bit about costuming and went to a few really great Harry Potter and Comic panels. The Foglios were the best part. They are so down to earth and cool. I really hope I can meet them again. Kaja is a hero of mine and I was so happy to meet her. 

More recently I have started watching anime again. Y-kun has introduced me to Sword Art Online and I have started watching on my own Strike Witches. Sword Art Online reminds me of .Hack, but in a good way. I really do like it. Strike Witches is an interesting anime, definitely not targeted towards me but I am okay with that. They are both fun and very different from each other. 

In the realm of gaming I have started playing Pokemon White 2. It is awesome. I have no complants. The story picks up were the last one left off and if you play around with certain things it really becomes an exact follow-up of the last game (that is if you played Black or White before it). I really do love it. The best part is that you can capture Eevees in the wild. This really has not happened before. True there was Trophy Garden, but that was a really rare chance. Here, you can go in and get Eevees straight up no problem if you are patient, which I am. I was so happy to catch my Eevees. :)

And finally I few weeks ago now I was hospitalized. I could see it coming. It was going to happen. Knowing that fact though did not make it any easier. It was going to be the start of Succot and I knew I was going to miss the first day at least if I went in but I had no choice. I was sick I needed to be looked at. I was in for 5 days. That I am pretty sure is the longest I have stayed in the hospital. I never want to say that long again. At least I was well fed after day 3. I was on a liquid diet for about 3 days, that was not even the worse part. I felt like I should leave on day 4 but they wanted to keep me in to make sure I was doing alright. I pretty much yelled at a nurse on day 5 because she tried to give a new IV and I was planning on leaving that day, which did happen. I still have some black and blue marks on my arms from were they drew blood, god I hate butterfly needles, and I am on new medication for the Crohns. All in all I think I am doing much better now. I only wish I did not need to worry about these sorts of things ever.


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