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A not so terrific summer
 So let me first start off by saying July was not the best month on record for me.  That being said I will explain that it had nothing to do with social life, I did quite a few things when it came to social life, all the problem came from wealth.

As I am sure I have posted earlier I have Crohn's. Crohn's is a lot more complicated then I ever thought it was. First, around July 4th I got Hospitalized, then I went back to the hospital with red bumps on my leg that were so painful I could not move. I found out those bumps were vaguely connected to Crohn's. around July 16th I got my 4 partially impacted Wisdom teeth out. I can now after three weeks open my mouth all the way. Next I started have other stomach problems and finally I had a colonoskipy yesterday that left me feeling a bit off. I have found out that I am having a Crohn's flare up and not just a stupid stomach bug so I am not so thrilled. 

I know I have had worse summers in the past and this one is not so bad. I still have all my friends and my family and I feel okay at last. The rode ahead is mostly unknown now but I am sure I will succeed no matter what.

In other news I spent 2 hours talking Y today. I really enjoyed it and I feel really good right now. But I have work to do. I must email my college roommate and read my summer reading, which really is not that bad.

I wlll post sometime soon, I hope
love- Lee-chan


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