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Home again
 Oops, I keep on meaning to post and not. My bad.

So I left Israel safety two+ weeks ago and have been home.  It's good to be home, not gonna lie. I get good food that is home made (for the most part(home made that is to say)) and I am spending time with all of my friends.  It is nice to be home.

The day after I landed I went to see the doctor, found out I was Anemic (low on blood iron), then went to an Israel Advocacy seminar at Boston University. So now not only do I now all the fact, but I can plan events and fight back all those horrible lies about Israel.  I also now have a group of people I can use as a resource of speaker and advice on problems I may have when I go to College.  I am so ready now it is not funny.

Last Sunday was Father's Day.  I would like to wish all the Fathers out in the world a belated Happy Father's Day. We had a BBQ at my house, with my dad at the grill. Most of my friends came over and when played a mindless game that was a lot of fun. I hope there are more days like that this summer.

Oh have I mentioned, I was introduced to a boy. For the prepuce of safety his name is Y-kun and he lives in NY somewhere. We have been email back and forth and it is very nice. We have a lot a in common. I hope to visit him over the summer when I meet up with a bunch of my Seminary friends.

Well I think that just about covers the last two weeks. next I hope will come up sooner.
Love you all,


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