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Well as you may have guessed quite a bit. I have not posted in at least two weeks and I will tell you why. My computer is now suffering a case of dead. Yes that mean I can turn it on but I get the blue screen of death about 5 to 10 minutes into using it. I really can't get a whole lot done that now can I?

So yeah on to other things. For the last fe thinks I thought I was getting rather sick. I do not know if I have ever mentioned this before but I have crohn's. It normally does not efect my life all that much but when you are lieing in bed feeling sick to your stomach all the time then you have problem. So went to the Dr. yesterday and got checked out. Turns out it was just some sort of virus thing and I should take some meds that I had stopped taking earlier durning the year. who da thunk that would work so fast.

While I have been gone from the computer Shavut pasted. I think it is one of my least favorite Jewish Holidays of the year. There really is nothing special about it. You stay up all night and learn Jewish things. That would be fine execept I am always sick durning this time of year and can't stay up all night. *sigh* oh well.

On to other things. This Shabbat is the last Shabbat I have to go out before going home. I am planning on spending it in Ashdod. I am so excited.

I'll tell you all about that later,
Lee-chan out.

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(Deleted comment)
I think that is a setting you need to change from your end. I can't help you there. Sorry.

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