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Arisia, birthday and Surgery
It has been three weeks since my birthday and Arisia, two weeks since my surgery, I think it is time for an update.

So as I just mentioned Arisia and my birthday just happened. It was a blast, just like last year. The most awesome part was that I was able to make and eat some food during the conventions. After all, I had not eaten real food since the beginning of December. I can not imagine what it would be like to never be able to eat like that.... But I digress. The con started on Friday which happened to be my birthday. So that night we had small birthday party like thing, in which a bunch of friends came to our room and had cupcakes. Oh, I should mention who was at the convention shouldn't I. Well, Y-kun was there, obviously, as well as my dad Y-kun's parents and his little brother. His sister stayed home. The six of us had attaching hotel rooms, which was awesome. The people that came to the little party thing were mostly friends of ours and that all very sweet. Now getting back to the con itself, I had costumes for every day. Friday night I was Misty from Pokemon, Saturday I was L from Death Note, Sunday Y-kun and I did a paired costume of Touko/White/Hilda and N from the Pokemon games Black and White, and Monday I was Yuuko. It was awesome, though there are no pictures of L and Misty which is a bummer. I think my two favorite parts of the con were meeting Steven Barnes, who was one of the special guests and taught a Tai Chi class Saturday and Sunday morning and watching the Masquerade. I also met the members of the Norther Lights Costuming Guild and Star Trek Guild/group/thing.... I plan on joining both at some point in time. This year however there were not as many panels I wanted to go to. Oh I went to some really cool panels, a Sailor Moon at 20 panel, a few writing panels, and a panel about Wonder Woman but there did not feel like there were as many panels I really wanted to go to this year, but I guess not every year there can panels about Girl Genus, particularly if the Foglios are not the honored guests like last year. But again I digress. I still had a load of fun and I can not wait till next year. I think I will do a bit more Steam Punk Costumes, rather than character costumes since no one really knew who I was, except I really want to Touko/White/Hilda again as well as Misty.

Now onto the other topic of discussion, my surgery. Two Fridays ago now, I had major surgery. My doctor finally took out my colon. We hope and pray that now I will be good for a long, long time but only time will tell. I got pretty scared leading up to my surgery. You see, my mother, Z'L, had what is known as an ostomy. A sack that catches and stores poo until you go to the bathroom later. It attaches to a stoma that is basically the intestine on the surface of the skin. I saw the stoma once and have been scared of getting one ever since. But luckily my small intestine was looking so good, and my rectum was looking so good that they were able to just sew me together without having to add  a stoma to the mix. I was and still am pretty happy about all of that. I can even eat real food again, no worries. I can even eat food I have not been able to eat since I was 15 years old. Popcorn and nuts are now back in my diet, I am so happy. Though my energy levels have been pretty low. I think I know why, and it is all just kind of stupid really. I think now I will be able to concur the world, that is if I really wanted to, lol.  Now I am healthy and pretty happy. Last week, just three days after I got out of the hospital, I did a D'var Torah about the weeks Torah Portion which was a pretty major achievement. A walk up and down a hill like the one I live is not easy, even at the best of times.

So there you have it. The new and improved H-chan. I am better than ever. I hope to post again soon and share more happy moments in the weeks and months to come. Have a wonderful days you sexy, sexy readers. H-chan out.