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In the last post....
Honestly it has been well over a year and I hardly remember what I was talking about last time.  That being said this past year has been a year of change and learning. To start off with I started Umass Dartmouth I would say not long after I posted my last post and made many friends. Deborah, Virginia, Dillan, Diz, Luna... just to name a few. Over the year we got really close. Sadly though it was not my destiny to return to them this fall.

What happened last year goes basically like this: I was sick. I was very sick. Sick enough to make me miss many of my classes, loose an unhealthy amount of weight and get hospitalized. Things were not going well. I finished out the year however learning a lot about myself. Like I really hate modern art and that I really do love politics, sort of. With a new major I am moving on.  

My art is still as ever very important to me and I use it quite a lot. I still draw manga and I have not forgotten my love of steampunk. I have even a few cosplays since we last spoke. Eevee and L are at the top of my list and there are photos to be had of them. I have also been writing. I have a few short stories that I have been working as well two novels and few fan fictions. I hope to be able to finish the short stories soon so that I may share them with someone and maybe get published, but that may not happen for a while yet.  I am also working on creating a Esty account and selling some things that I am making. I will tell you about that later, when things are up.

There are also other things I would like to share, like my boyfriend. Y-kun and I have been together for over a year now and he has kindly moved up to Boston to be with me. I am so happy! Being about to see him every day is wonderful. He pretty much lives at my house. I just wish that he could find a job or something so that he does not become a couch potato. I will be honest though, I am kinda a couch potato now too. Since I am only taking one course a week at Umass Boston and also do not have a real job I have sitting around doing very little. I work sometime at a ceramics arts and crafts store but that is mostly on an as needed basis. I have been reading more too. Since the summer I have read about ten books, which for me is a lot since I know I am kinda slow reader. I am really happy about it though, it will help me become a faster reader and I still do plan on becoming a librarian so I better get good at reading!

Well I think I have said a lot for now
It was lovely returning
We really must do this again soon
Lee-chan out.