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Arisia, birthday and Surgery
It has been three weeks since my birthday and Arisia, two weeks since my surgery, I think it is time for an update.

So as I just mentioned Arisia and my birthday just happened. It was a blast, just like last year. The most awesome part was that I was able to make and eat some food during the conventions. After all, I had not eaten real food since the beginning of December. I can not imagine what it would be like to never be able to eat like that.... But I digress. The con started on Friday which happened to be my birthday. So that night we had small birthday party like thing, in which a bunch of friends came to our room and had cupcakes. Oh, I should mention who was at the convention shouldn't I. Well, Y-kun was there, obviously, as well as my dad Y-kun's parents and his little brother. His sister stayed home. The six of us had attaching hotel rooms, which was awesome. The people that came to the little party thing were mostly friends of ours and that all very sweet. Now getting back to the con itself, I had costumes for every day. Friday night I was Misty from Pokemon, Saturday I was L from Death Note, Sunday Y-kun and I did a paired costume of Touko/White/Hilda and N from the Pokemon games Black and White, and Monday I was Yuuko. It was awesome, though there are no pictures of L and Misty which is a bummer. I think my two favorite parts of the con were meeting Steven Barnes, who was one of the special guests and taught a Tai Chi class Saturday and Sunday morning and watching the Masquerade. I also met the members of the Norther Lights Costuming Guild and Star Trek Guild/group/thing.... I plan on joining both at some point in time. This year however there were not as many panels I wanted to go to. Oh I went to some really cool panels, a Sailor Moon at 20 panel, a few writing panels, and a panel about Wonder Woman but there did not feel like there were as many panels I really wanted to go to this year, but I guess not every year there can panels about Girl Genus, particularly if the Foglios are not the honored guests like last year. But again I digress. I still had a load of fun and I can not wait till next year. I think I will do a bit more Steam Punk Costumes, rather than character costumes since no one really knew who I was, except I really want to Touko/White/Hilda again as well as Misty.

Now onto the other topic of discussion, my surgery. Two Fridays ago now, I had major surgery. My doctor finally took out my colon. We hope and pray that now I will be good for a long, long time but only time will tell. I got pretty scared leading up to my surgery. You see, my mother, Z'L, had what is known as an ostomy. A sack that catches and stores poo until you go to the bathroom later. It attaches to a stoma that is basically the intestine on the surface of the skin. I saw the stoma once and have been scared of getting one ever since. But luckily my small intestine was looking so good, and my rectum was looking so good that they were able to just sew me together without having to add  a stoma to the mix. I was and still am pretty happy about all of that. I can even eat real food again, no worries. I can even eat food I have not been able to eat since I was 15 years old. Popcorn and nuts are now back in my diet, I am so happy. Though my energy levels have been pretty low. I think I know why, and it is all just kind of stupid really. I think now I will be able to concur the world, that is if I really wanted to, lol.  Now I am healthy and pretty happy. Last week, just three days after I got out of the hospital, I did a D'var Torah about the weeks Torah Portion which was a pretty major achievement. A walk up and down a hill like the one I live is not easy, even at the best of times.

So there you have it. The new and improved H-chan. I am better than ever. I hope to post again soon and share more happy moments in the weeks and months to come. Have a wonderful days you sexy, sexy readers. H-chan out.

Pokemon and my life
So here we are. The end of the year. And what a year it has been. Things hav not been easy this year. First I turned 21, met my hero, went to an awesome con, got engaged and that pretty much covers the good. The bad includes, my mother dying, myself getting hospitalized not once but twice, my Crohn's getting really bad and the expectation that I will have surgery at the beginning of the new year.

I know what you must be thinking, surgery, you have not mentioned that before. Or, aren't you against surgery? Well I was, once, but now I run out options and need this surgery. I don't want to be sick anymore. From September on I was beyond sick, barely able to do anything, try as I might. I want to be a mother more than anything really. I don't want my children to begrudge me if I can't be there for them. I them to know a strong woman in their mother. That is why I am having surgery. For my future.

I love Y-kun more than anything. And my father has been the best support every. They are pulling me through this more than they know. If not for them I would have curled up into a ball and cried myself on a long time ago. But I have them and I can do things for them. I have been cooking nearly every dinner for them since the beginning of December, when I got out of the hospital the second time. And further more, I am trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to clean the house, since I am home most, if not all, day. I am trying to be strong, but it can be very hard. I also have our cat Life to keep me company at home, when no one else is here. 

Hope and faith and love are the only things that are keeping me moving forward. Hope for a better life once all of this is over. Faith that everything will alright now as long as I keep my chin up. And Love from my friends and family with all of the support they have given me. I can thank them enough.

Well I think that will be it for today,
Lee-chan, out

Anime, Foglios, Pokemon, birthdays and Hospitals
So I am posting again after a relatively short time compared to my last post. That is because there is still so much to say about the last year and what has already happened since my last post.

I will start on my birthday in January, something I neglected last time in favor of darker subjects. I turned 21 this past January and I had best birthday ever. It was a quite thing, mostly just me and Y-kun. We were still only Boy-friend/Girl-friend at the time but it really was truly spectacular. We started off by going to RMV and getting me a liquor ID. That way when we went out to get drinks I would not need to cary around my passport. It was a blast. Going down town and waiting in line for the ID really was not so bad since I brought about a dozen different things to use as proof of who I was. We then went for lunch at a local Kosher dairy restaurant in Down town Boston. It was great, but I don't remember what I had (likely a tuna-melt or mac and cheese). We then headed out to the Sam Adams Brewery and got a tour of the place. We had been there once before but I had only been able to have a root beer because I was under-age. This time I tried four different types, they each seemed only a little different and there is no way I would really be able to tell what they were but I did not care. Free beer is free beer. We then had a steak dinner at Rubin's Deli, all four of us. Mom, dad, Y-kun and myself each got steak. It was awesome. The final part of the day was spent at a Karaoke bar not far from home. I sang a little, Y-kun sang and we all drank. It was strange really. The bar-tender told Y-kun that I had had the equivalent of 6 shots but I felt nothing. Y--kun had two or three drinks and was starting to get tipsy. Luckily it was not far from my home and we took the T home that night.  

I should also say the earlier that week (namely the weekend leading up to my birthday) was Arisia a sci-fi convention in Boston area. I met the Foglios there. I also learned a bit about costuming and went to a few really great Harry Potter and Comic panels. The Foglios were the best part. They are so down to earth and cool. I really hope I can meet them again. Kaja is a hero of mine and I was so happy to meet her. 

More recently I have started watching anime again. Y-kun has introduced me to Sword Art Online and I have started watching on my own Strike Witches. Sword Art Online reminds me of .Hack, but in a good way. I really do like it. Strike Witches is an interesting anime, definitely not targeted towards me but I am okay with that. They are both fun and very different from each other. 

In the realm of gaming I have started playing Pokemon White 2. It is awesome. I have no complants. The story picks up were the last one left off and if you play around with certain things it really becomes an exact follow-up of the last game (that is if you played Black or White before it). I really do love it. The best part is that you can capture Eevees in the wild. This really has not happened before. True there was Trophy Garden, but that was a really rare chance. Here, you can go in and get Eevees straight up no problem if you are patient, which I am. I was so happy to catch my Eevees. :)

And finally I few weeks ago now I was hospitalized. I could see it coming. It was going to happen. Knowing that fact though did not make it any easier. It was going to be the start of Succot and I knew I was going to miss the first day at least if I went in but I had no choice. I was sick I needed to be looked at. I was in for 5 days. That I am pretty sure is the longest I have stayed in the hospital. I never want to say that long again. At least I was well fed after day 3. I was on a liquid diet for about 3 days, that was not even the worse part. I felt like I should leave on day 4 but they wanted to keep me in to make sure I was doing alright. I pretty much yelled at a nurse on day 5 because she tried to give a new IV and I was planning on leaving that day, which did happen. I still have some black and blue marks on my arms from were they drew blood, god I hate butterfly needles, and I am on new medication for the Crohns. All in all I think I am doing much better now. I only wish I did not need to worry about these sorts of things ever.

A year of many changes
A lot has happened to me over the last, where should I start. Maybe I should start at the beginning, or simply the most interesting part. It is never easy to know where a story should start because a story can go in so many different ways, just as a life can. I guess I will start this little chapter of my life where many stories start, at the point earliest in time as understood by simple understanding of time flow.

Last year I faced many hurtles. I left Umass Dartmouth for a campus closer to home, Umass Boston. There I took three courses over the course of the year, Political Science, Psychology and English. The Poli/Sci course I took made me realize that in the end, no I did care enough to pursue it further and I have henceforth given up on Poli/Sci as a potential major. That was in the fall. In the winter/spring semester I took English again and Psychology. I made a friend in Psychology but soon I realized that life at college, no mater how great the students are, it just was not the place for me. I have since given up on college education as of right now.

As the story would continue, on the last day of my Psychology class I decided to stay home. In the end I feel that was for the best. Allow me to explain.

I was lying on the couch in the living room when, early that monday morning, when my mother waked through the front door, stunned I was not as school. I explained that there was no reason for me to be at school since I had taken that final the friday before. My mother did not argue, she was not feeling well and having me around meant she would not need to get out bed if she needed something. For the following several days my mother was in and out of work, suffering from seemed like a stomach bug. Over time her condition did not change much, until friday evening when she could barely get out bed. My father and I asked her if we she should take her to the hospital, but she said no, she was just a little sick and would get better quickly. She never got better.

The monday after Mother's day I was home with mom, just me and her, dad was out of town. Mom was feeling weak and sick. I finally told that we needed to get her the hospital. I called dad and told him the plan, I then called 911, because I could not drive. As I was unlocking the front door for the EMTs to get my mother and getting off the phone with the 911 dispatcher I returned to my mother. She was not responsive. I called 911 back and told then that, then started CPR as instructed by the dispatcher. I went through two and half rounds of CPR before the EMTs showed up. Once they sent me out of my mother's bedroom I called my boyfriend and collapsed in the kitchen, shrieking and cry in shook and pain. When Y-kun finally showed up I was still on the kitchen floor and he and and EMT personel had to take me outside. After that it becomes a mess of confusion. I was in my pajamas all day. The EMTs asked me and Y-kun questions about my mother's health that I could only vaguely answer. By the time we left for the hospital I was numb inside. My father drove back up and my aunt and uncle sat with me as we waited for my mother to be placed in a room. 

The following week was a hell of up and down. The doctors were so hopeful in the beginning but as time passed it became clear to them that things were not going good. 

On that Wednesday I went for walk after talking with the doctors. I was numb all over, unsure what to feel. At that time Y-kun and my father were talking. During my walk I texted Y-kun and told him the date for which I wanted us to be married. When I returned from my walk around the hospital Y-kun was gone, dad said he had gone home to get food and whatnot, I don't even remember. A few hours later he returned. Taking me aside he spoke to me calmly, then took me into my mother's hospital room. The words I do not remember but he asked me on bended knee at the foot of my mother's hospital bed if I would marry him. I said yes. We cried and yelled at my mother to wake up. She never awoke.

I later found out that while I had been walking my father and Y-kun had been talking about the wedding that should have been and the reasons it had not happened yet and Y-kun asked my father formally if he could marry me. Their had apparently been much crying that the text I sent about a wedding date had not helped to stop.

Friday, my mother passed away, only a couple of hours before Shabbat. It was painful for us, but for all we know she had been gone for days by this point. She most likely did not feel a thing. 

The loss was painful. On Sunday the funeral happened, my father, uncle, Rabbi, the Bostoner Rebbe, and myself all spoke. Everyone says I spoke most eloquently. My mother was buried in western Massachusetts, in the same graveyard as her parents. 

After that things began to change. It was shortly before a major Jewish Holiday and there was much to prepare for. My father and I learned to cope with the loss and life began anew for us. Y-kun now lives in the room that was once my father's office. We now own a cat that we named Life. While our world has shifted for a different path than anyone ever expected we still push on. The world is forever changing and we have learned to change with it. 

A somber tale I suppose, but no less true, soon I hope to share with all of you, my readers the joyce tale of my wedding and life with my new husband, the man known to you as Y-kun.

Till then, or maybe sooner, good night

In the last post....
Honestly it has been well over a year and I hardly remember what I was talking about last time.  That being said this past year has been a year of change and learning. To start off with I started Umass Dartmouth I would say not long after I posted my last post and made many friends. Deborah, Virginia, Dillan, Diz, Luna... just to name a few. Over the year we got really close. Sadly though it was not my destiny to return to them this fall.

What happened last year goes basically like this: I was sick. I was very sick. Sick enough to make me miss many of my classes, loose an unhealthy amount of weight and get hospitalized. Things were not going well. I finished out the year however learning a lot about myself. Like I really hate modern art and that I really do love politics, sort of. With a new major I am moving on.  

My art is still as ever very important to me and I use it quite a lot. I still draw manga and I have not forgotten my love of steampunk. I have even a few cosplays since we last spoke. Eevee and L are at the top of my list and there are photos to be had of them. I have also been writing. I have a few short stories that I have been working as well two novels and few fan fictions. I hope to be able to finish the short stories soon so that I may share them with someone and maybe get published, but that may not happen for a while yet.  I am also working on creating a Esty account and selling some things that I am making. I will tell you about that later, when things are up.

There are also other things I would like to share, like my boyfriend. Y-kun and I have been together for over a year now and he has kindly moved up to Boston to be with me. I am so happy! Being about to see him every day is wonderful. He pretty much lives at my house. I just wish that he could find a job or something so that he does not become a couch potato. I will be honest though, I am kinda a couch potato now too. Since I am only taking one course a week at Umass Boston and also do not have a real job I have sitting around doing very little. I work sometime at a ceramics arts and crafts store but that is mostly on an as needed basis. I have been reading more too. Since the summer I have read about ten books, which for me is a lot since I know I am kinda slow reader. I am really happy about it though, it will help me become a faster reader and I still do plan on becoming a librarian so I better get good at reading!

Well I think I have said a lot for now
It was lovely returning
We really must do this again soon
Lee-chan out.

A not so terrific summer
 So let me first start off by saying July was not the best month on record for me.  That being said I will explain that it had nothing to do with social life, I did quite a few things when it came to social life, all the problem came from wealth.

As I am sure I have posted earlier I have Crohn's. Crohn's is a lot more complicated then I ever thought it was. First, around July 4th I got Hospitalized, then I went back to the hospital with red bumps on my leg that were so painful I could not move. I found out those bumps were vaguely connected to Crohn's. around July 16th I got my 4 partially impacted Wisdom teeth out. I can now after three weeks open my mouth all the way. Next I started have other stomach problems and finally I had a colonoskipy yesterday that left me feeling a bit off. I have found out that I am having a Crohn's flare up and not just a stupid stomach bug so I am not so thrilled. 

I know I have had worse summers in the past and this one is not so bad. I still have all my friends and my family and I feel okay at last. The rode ahead is mostly unknown now but I am sure I will succeed no matter what.

In other news I spent 2 hours talking Y today. I really enjoyed it and I feel really good right now. But I have work to do. I must email my college roommate and read my summer reading, which really is not that bad.

I wlll post sometime soon, I hope
love- Lee-chan

first step to the rest of my life
 Well I was visiting Umass D Monday and Tuesday. It was really nice there. I think I might be able to turn it into home.  But the Bathrooms are disgusting. Who can use them?  On a brighter note, I did some really Israel advocating. I am really proud about that. I know I won't be afraid to speak my mind when the time comes to defend Israel's action. Even if they do something relatively stupid.

Switching subjects completely I just saw the Last Airbender today. It was so good. The graphics were awesome and I love the soundtrack. I know think I am an Airbender, but not an Avatar. (Avatar, hehe). The missed up with the names though, mispronouncing nearly everyones name. It was so fun though. I went there after I helped a friend move. Then the four of us, (one moved the rest helped) went for the movie. It was sweet. We got a little silly after that but who cares, it was fun.

Well now I feeling pretty low about my self and my life. Can't believe that change happened so fast. But it is nothing you need to worry about. I will figure it out on my own. I always have.

Later, Lee-chan

Home again
 Oops, I keep on meaning to post and not. My bad.

So I left Israel safety two+ weeks ago and have been home.  It's good to be home, not gonna lie. I get good food that is home made (for the most part(home made that is to say)) and I am spending time with all of my friends.  It is nice to be home.

The day after I landed I went to see the doctor, found out I was Anemic (low on blood iron), then went to an Israel Advocacy seminar at Boston University. So now not only do I now all the fact, but I can plan events and fight back all those horrible lies about Israel.  I also now have a group of people I can use as a resource of speaker and advice on problems I may have when I go to College.  I am so ready now it is not funny.

Last Sunday was Father's Day.  I would like to wish all the Fathers out in the world a belated Happy Father's Day. We had a BBQ at my house, with my dad at the grill. Most of my friends came over and when played a mindless game that was a lot of fun. I hope there are more days like that this summer.

Oh have I mentioned, I was introduced to a boy. For the prepuce of safety his name is Y-kun and he lives in NY somewhere. We have been email back and forth and it is very nice. We have a lot a in common. I hope to visit him over the summer when I meet up with a bunch of my Seminary friends.

Well I think that just about covers the last two weeks. next I hope will come up sooner.
Love you all,

catching some rays and hells fire
 So Ashdod, what an experience. I got so sun burnt I was shaking by the time I got to school after Shabbat. But know I am better... 
That was two weeks ago, as most of you should know Israel is having some rough times with the media. I can't blame them, it looks bad. But it is not try! Here are links that tell the rest of the story.

So now you know!

In unrealted note, I will be coming home in a few days. I land in NYC next Sunday at 5 am. looking forward to coming home. I missed it, a lot.


What's new

Well as you may have guessed quite a bit. I have not posted in at least two weeks and I will tell you why. My computer is now suffering a case of dead. Yes that mean I can turn it on but I get the blue screen of death about 5 to 10 minutes into using it. I really can't get a whole lot done that now can I?

So yeah on to other things. For the last fe thinks I thought I was getting rather sick. I do not know if I have ever mentioned this before but I have crohn's. It normally does not efect my life all that much but when you are lieing in bed feeling sick to your stomach all the time then you have problem. So went to the Dr. yesterday and got checked out. Turns out it was just some sort of virus thing and I should take some meds that I had stopped taking earlier durning the year. who da thunk that would work so fast.

While I have been gone from the computer Shavut pasted. I think it is one of my least favorite Jewish Holidays of the year. There really is nothing special about it. You stay up all night and learn Jewish things. That would be fine execept I am always sick durning this time of year and can't stay up all night. *sigh* oh well.

On to other things. This Shabbat is the last Shabbat I have to go out before going home. I am planning on spending it in Ashdod. I am so excited.

I'll tell you all about that later,
Lee-chan out.